Sleep Wake Research Centre – COVID-19 Resources








The Sleep Wake Research Centre has developed a number of resources providing information and advice on the importance of good quality sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information, check out the Sleep During the COVID-19 Pandemic resources;

Sleep and mental health 

Sleep our built in immunity booster

Considerations for older people

Sleep for parents and their babies

Children’s sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic – Tips for parents 

Tips to support better sleep and daytime functioning 

Helping you get your medicine if you are confined to your home – Fact sheet








As part of the National Health Plan, telehealth can now be bulk-billed and Electronic Prescribing is being fast-tracked, with work to upgrade the doctor and pharmacy software well underway. It is expected to be ready by May 2020, but there are options immediately available to support telehealth services so you can get medicine sent directly to you at home.


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