Phone consultations now available at SHFPACT !







Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT) are available for telephone consultations for a range of sexual and reproductive health needs.

The following appointments can be booked via Hotdoc for a phone consultation.

  • Sexual health services:
  • STI (sexually transmissible infection) screening, when you do not have any symptoms
  • Initial PrEP consultation (new clients)
  • Follow up PrEP (continuing clients)
  • Menopause Centre Canberra:
  • Initial menopause consultations for new clients
  • Follow up menopause for continuing clients
  • Contraception and reproductive health services:
  • Repeat contraceptive pill prescriptions for existing clients

For other health services and information, please contact us by email (please include your phone number) or phone 62473077. Our staff will assist you to make an appointment with our doctors/nurses, or refer you to other clinicians as appropriate.