Women are the primary seekers of health and wellbeing information, not only for themselves, but also for their children and other family members. When women have access to accurate and reliable health and wellbeing information they are able to make informed choices about their own and their family’s health and access services and supports relevant to their needs.

In our report It Goes with the Territory! ACT Women’s views about Health and Wellbeing Information, the Women’s Centre for Health Matters (WCHM) explored the views and preferences of ACT women in accessing health and wellbeing information and how this information is transformed into knowledge. The findings of the report were consistent with previous research undertaken by WCHM and demonstrate that women’s access to health and wellbeing information can be affected by social and economic circumstances; the social determinants of health. It reinforces the fact that ACT women want information to be available, affordable, accessible and appropriate. These ‘four As’ form the basis of WCHM’s definition of gender sensitive health service delivery and are integral to maintaining good health and wellbeing.

The ACT Women’s Health Hub is therefore a direct response to the needs expressed by ACT women. It is intended as a central portal that provides links to already-existing, credible and trustworthy information about health, wellbeing and services in the ACT.

When women have access to the health and wellbeing information that they need, their health decision-making is improved, as well as that of their partners, children, families and communities.